The Eimac vacuum tube was produced in the late 30s and primarily used as part of the power oscillating circuit in the American radar system SCR-268 (Figure 2). The radar system would use 16 of these tubes to create the power oscillation section. The 16 v-127As would operate in pulse produce an out put power of 60kw.

The tube itself is a power triode. These produce a signal gain for radio and audio frequencies. In the figure 3 you can see the helical element in the center of the grid, this heats up and gives off electrons, which is what makes the tube work. I will be doing a separate post the goes into more detail on how vacuum tubes work and the types in the near future.

All outputs and inputs go through uranium glass seals (Figure 4). While these are safe to handle the radiation from the Uranium is detectable, figure 4 shows .33uSv/hr which is slightly higher than the .15uSv/hr ambient reading (Figure 5).

  • Figure 1
  • Figure 2
  • Figure 3, The filament is the white wires that is in a spiral.
  • Figure 4, The uranium glass has a green hue to it.
  • Figure 5, The uranium glass is slightly radioactive, but it is safe!

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